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*Please Read Before Supporting*

Creating Content and inspiring you guys to go out and explore yourselves and experience this beautiful World firsthand is what fills my soul! I love and cherish every single second of my time spent creating meaningful content that connects you to Nature. I am so grateful for you guys and this community.


Content Creation however does begin to add up and cost money. For the camera gear and the editing software and the traveling. I have been more than happy to spend my own income on these things because I love it so dearly. I just hope to forever be able to be in this position where I can create content and inspire people to see the outdoors. So, with your support, you are helping continue my journey and endeavors and keeping this dream alive and helping fund my story.


I cannot thank you or appreciate you enough for whatever support you are able to give and willing to give.

Lastly, please ONLY give if you feel a strong desire to help support me. Do not feel any obligation whatsoever to give to me. I just want to give this option to people who feel compelled and inspired to help me, but just having you here is enough support for me! 

Thank you!

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